anything but ordinary [please]

she's a writer --
dreams stories,
makes love with fantasy
and waltzs with the sacred,
the untouchable

she'll extract the wisdom from your mind,
the exotic desires
and secret tales from your soul,
like a slimy-smooth leech
imbibing the blood from your
warm, tingling body
[the goal is always,
after all,
to suck the marrow out of life]

there's a quiet mystery about her,
this story-telling pirate
of broken hearts
and pyramids of love --
there is always love,
in every breath and every word --
she'll spend her life writing and recording
both the epic and the ordinary truths
that itch to be heard...


Anonymous said...

bum, in writing my last entry, I realized that the ENTIRE time, I was thinking about people I go to school with & not thinking about you (I don't know why)

but. here's what I want to say: you would have understood.

that is all. I love you.

PixiePirate said...