"so i'm a little left of center..."

this is who/what/where i am--
broken pieces of everything i've met,
a collage of people, places, cultures, ideas...
a rough but bright mosaic,
shimmery words and elusive images,
a disturbed pattern of bright pink stars and teal hearts,
made of wispy memories, bold dreams,
still-bloody wounds and engraved scars.

i'm a mess of war paints, lost gems, ink-empty pens,
worn but deeply loved books and journals and anthologies,
a creatively organized yet dysfunctional poem,
made to
rend your heart and
bother your mind and
drench your soul...
a glittering mess of

[everyone wants to save the world;
i want to save everyone]

1 comment:

RLS said...

I used your stickers tonight, bum. I love them; I thought about all the places I could use them in, make everything beautiful & simple & lovely -- & your doll bum, which I have affectionately named Tatapolis, is going to sleep next to me tonight. :)

I want to come to your new apartment soon bum, so that we can watch Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium -- I thought tonight about how MUCH you have to see that, & I how I simply MUST watch it with you.

I love you oh so/so/so well.