break open your heart
that i might know your secrets
and weep iridescent tears of redemption

you say there’s nothing real
inside of your raw, bleeding mind because
you cannot see the beauty
in a soul rent apart

[i know there's a little more than
you imagined;
i can only see the dark love potions swirling
in your eyes
and i will wait for the enchantment
to take hold of me, for always]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful.

I wish sometimes though bum, that you would write it prose as well - sometimes when I come here, I wish I could just read about YOUR LIFE - something real & ordinary sounding {but not ordinary at all, because you couldn't be if you tried}

I talked to justin on the phone last night for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT. craziness. I love you guys so much - I have decided that there's nothing better in the world than old friends..

..you guys are my miracles.