i'm surprised at how much i am [always] missing you

i'm never quite sure how to say this
[in fact, i'm never quite sure what to say]
but it usually starts out with a simple list
of ways you've reversed my mind's decay.

i'm tiny, i'm little [yet i often feel huge];
there's nothing i can remember or reason
that'll ease my worry or even soothe
the pain i inflict upon my heart of treason.

sometimes i'm low but still, i can see
my dreams grow large and exotic and daring and pure
so that every magical creature and beast
wishes it were part of this iridescent grandeur.

i cannot be had, and somehow you're not mine;
you don't understand the darkness of my soul
and i cannot behold your aching mind;
the constant turbulence devours us whole.

and somehow, in some enchanted world or way,
there's a simple peace between our throbbing, sore
hearts that thankfully forces us to give away
the demons that haunt our grieving cores.

[although we cannot be had or give ourselves up,
we can become one entity and desire
that burns like a raging, passionate, love-fueled fire]


RLS said...

you should write rhymes more often. I LOVE writing rhymes & you are good at them bum. you just have a natural talent for creation.

favourite line: I cannot be had, and somehow you're not mine.

where do these thoughts come from? like, do you just feel them or are they usually caused by events?

PixiePirate said...

thank you, darling, but my inspiration for the form of this poem is, well, you. i read your beautiful poem the other day and i couldn't get it out of my head, the beauty of it, and the only way i could relieve my aching for more of that beauty was to try (and fail and fail and fail and finally kind-of succeed) myself. so, thank YOU.

these thoughts usually just come to me, very rarely are they caused by specific events. specific events usually rattle me too much to write about them at the time. i think you are probably the other way around...?