Tonight, my darling wanted to see the film "Blindness" (and I must admit, I was curious to see the film as well). We expected a horror film, but stumbled upon something very different indeed. Throughout most of the film, I was disgusted--quarantines never [seem to] go over well; dozens of blind people, quarantined, herded and shoved and fed like animals, left to govern themselves [imagine filth and hate and starvation and ignorance and selfishness and rape]. For most of the film I felt like I was wasting my time. I'm surprised I didn't leave halfway through but I'm glad I stayed. It's amazing, because just when you think/expect/fear that everything is hopeless, you remember/realize/witness the beauty of human perseverance and love [that's exactly what Julianne Moore's character was, too: love]. But to see two strangers unite in innocent passion, a woman come back to life from depression, an orphan find a new family, a couple find love again through forgiveness...these are the things of happiness and triumph [and extremely aesthetic and message-laden movies, as well].

So tonight I am going to fall asleep with imagines of people laughing and hugging in the rain, as well as with a quote that went something like this:

"I don't need to know your name because I know the parts of you that are nameless, and that's all we really are."

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