[always] for you

be my love
and save my life;
i'll try to forget
where i hid that knife.
brimming, quite full
of broken, bloody wings--
i've never understood
how to fix these things.
on the outside, you'll
think i'm healthy and full,
but the deeper you go
the harder i'll pull...
there is no satisfying end
or new happy way
to settle these torments
that blind and decay
and thrash and tear--
but inside a soul
and hidden in a heart
is a new kind of peace and an unforgettable start.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this bum!! it's so beautiful! I especially like the hopeful ending; very nice, very nice. :D

but bum, you must write some prose & entries about your daily life soon.. I love when you do that.

{courage is fear on fire}