Looking back...


My name is
Jaclyn Carace Elizabeth DuBois


{i am going to write a children's book one day, they are beautiful}


This book is dedicated to:


{thank YOU for YOUR LOVE}


Things I like to do: CREATE, go to theme parks, write, learn, travel, SCUBA, be with my love, talk to my mom, watch tv when eating, go to Grammy's, hike


Things to do before I die:

1. Live.

I wish I could change: my mind, view, and perception of myself. So much of me is torn, scattered, but mainly distorted.


Things that make me happy: Disney, childhood, fantasy...love & love stories...being beautiful...evidence of Christianity and love and compassion...O, to journal...Christmas, Halloween, my birthday...Elton John songs...not having to work...my curly hair...

consanguinity -- relationship by blood or a common ancestor

"Single most influential piece of music ever written" : Symphony #3 by Beethoven

[according to Mr. Honsa]


Jaclyn DuBois' senior quote: "How wonderful life is..."


[and then i end with three pages of Spanish notes, including a list of animals and insects]

mmm. interesting.


goooooood girl said...
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RLS said...


you are the love of my life. =)


I can't wait to spend my birthday with you. AND BE IN YOUR WEDDING. !!! can you even believe how long we've been friends?!