Another look back...

Hoy es el veintiseis de agosto del 2005.

Today has been a good day so far (10:35 am) because:

1. I watched "Hey Arnold" before school this morning
2. I am having a "new" hair day
3. I heard an awesome song in the car this morning ("Sugar We're Going Down" by FOB)
4. I'm alive and well
5. I earned a PERFECT on my AP Stats multiple choice section!!!
{Praise God from whom all blessings flow}

1 comment:

RLS said...


ah, bum. I wish we were younger & life was easier (& I don't just say that like an old lady or something, it WAS easier then, as you know)

hang in there: for pete & pete, for zac, isaac, and taylor, for chip & dale, for the honeysuckles in your old front yard that nearly killed us..

(may I suggest you stun the world?)