"I'm from He restoreth my soul/with a cottonball lamb"

[first, a laugh]:

haha! [emphasis on the triumphant here]

just when you think that humanity has "gone to the dogs",
or sucks,
or is just plain shitty,
some[one wonderful] amazes you
and sets you straight.

two days ago [two lonely and tiresome days ago],
i found myself sitting on a bench just outside the library,
half-conscious, drifting off, waiting to meet up with others for a group project.
besides the fact that only one other group member showed up,
it wasn't until i was on the bus, nearly home, when i realized that my expensive British literature textbook was *gasp* missing. actually, not 'missing', because i knew exactly where it should be. half an hour later i found myself at that very bench (forget about the fact that i had to drive myself BACK to school), still without a Brit lit text. i ask one of the librarians. nope. the next day, i ask another librarian. nope. i call the main school lost and found. nope.

so now, not only am i textbook-less (and syllabus-less because i kept the syllabus in the textbook) for class, but i have wasted time, money, energy, and gasoline. oh yes--and hope. because who steals a poor college kid's textbook? c'mon now, people. that's just not right. (in fact, the librarian told me whoever found it probably took it immediately to the bookstore and sold it back...)

and so this afternoon, as i am waiting for my British literature professor to arrive to class, i am surprised when he a) calls my name, b) informs me that i lost my textbook, and c) says that someone saw his name on the syllabus in my book and delivered the book to him (because only my first initial and last name were written inside the book). and, like that, faith.was.restored.

thank you, someone [un-stranger]...i wish i knew who you were, so that i might thank you and hug you and give you a sprinkled cupcake at the very least. thank you for returning my book, but more than that, thank you for showing me that there are indeed good people--wonderful, magnificent, kind, magnanimous people--living amongst us in this deeply torn and cynical and selfish world.

[may God bless you for your kindness and your character and your soul...and of course, thank You, Lord, for Your wonderful miracles and beautiful ways]

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Anonymous said...


I loved this.
this was wonderful.
the story was beautiful.

{love love love}