america's next freaking top model

[just so you know, they're not really this beautiful]

{thank you,
pop culture, for making me feel so inferior/unattractive all of the time. really. because now i'm learning to love what's R E A L and i'm learning how to BE real and i'm learning to stop admiring you because you are not real and nothing that i E V E R want to be}

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RLS said...

BUM, I hate these things - I. hate. them. there are certain aspects of life that make me feel inferior in this sense & for some reason, it is always stupid, irrational, unrealistic shows like this. like MTV & magazines, where I KNOW there are personal trainers involved & no eating & all exercise & bizarre unnaturalness..

& yet, I envy it. why? do I really want to be desperately empty? I don't know. but I am with you in your rage against the culture; all it does is lie.