But is it possible to keep calm and carry on?


ah, lately they all tell me one thing, i feel a million different things, and there never seems to be a 'right' thing to do. as if you care or want to know [but who knows, perhaps you do?], here is my dilemma:

  • first and foremost, i LOVE to create. any and everything, from cards to poems to dolls to jewelry to experiences to little tiny this-n-that boxes [and everything in between]. the problem here is, of course, time.

  • money--grrr--is the second part of my dilemma; money is required for living in general, in addition to creating, going to college, and funding future dreams [like road trips and weddings].

  • going to school is not exactly part of my dilemma [indeed, i'd stay in school forever if i could], but assignments add stress and time constraints.

  • finally, work. i don't mind working, especially as the manager of a teeny tiny candy store, but how does this fit in my life? i don't plan on going into business or food services, and i certainly don't plan to settle for this job as my maximum potential. for now, this job has helped with my money issue, but is the stress or time spent there worth it? keeping the job means i make money [again, to fund various ambitions] yet keeping the job takes a lot of time [and sometimes--but not always--stress].

so at the core of my problem entails this question:

do i push through lots of hard stuff now, in hopes that i can experience some real good stuff later, or do i quit [give up?] to make life now a little [more or less?] happier?

*thank you for listening; your attention is sufficient enough for a bit of therapy...

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