i was always too good at playing pretend

Somehow, while brushing my teeth the other night, I was suddenly nostalgic for my childhood and the most precious part of being a child--having such an infinite imagination.

Being a child is magical--everything is so full of possibilities and wonder, thanks to the imagination. I miss terribly that state of being a child, I miss my childhood imagination, I miss the art of pretending. When I was a child, my imagination controlled me in a way I could not escape, but I didn't want it to leave [ever] so it was okay. When I was a child, there was an elf lurking in every shadow, a prince hidden in every twinkling eye, monsters roaming the dark house at night...

Oh, to be in love with everything.

So shall we now take a few moments of silence for our faded childhoods?

Of course not.

We should dance away the rest of our lives, celebrating every moment like we did when we were children, experiencing each breathtaking day with humor and humility.

And for goodness' sake, it's okay to pretend; I don't care if he thinks I'm weird but I'm going to call him Boris and he can call me Natasha ("...I wasn't born for a world like this; was Smith? was Jones? were you?")...


c. said...
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c. said...

oh, imagination!