"You don't know how lovely you are"

As always, late-night talks with Amy are wonderful and enlightening; she's so brilliant that you can't walk away from a conversation with her without knowing a little bit more about yourself and how you fit into this fucked up-yet-somehow-incredible world.

Anyway, I was reflecting upon our conversation and I remembered that she said something about females being really critical of each other and it occurred to me that that's why I've had so many more guy than girl friends. She's right--girls with tear. you. apart. But guys? They don't judge. They don't size a person up by her weight or her clothes or her hair. If a guy thinks a girl is fun to be around, then that's it--that's all that matters. He doesn't care if her body is model material or if she wears clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch or if her hair is long and blonde. So guys have their flaws (ha! we won't go there, right?) but I can't help but to imagine how much more beautiful the world would be if we all acted like guys--for once!--and stopped the superficial, critical judging. And maybe then would we actually be able to love and accept ourselves, too.

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Anonymous said...

oh, bum. this is such a gift. thank you. your words mean so incredibly much to me -- & it is the SAME with you, every time I get off the phone with you, I feel wiser, & stronger, & more at peace. you are beautiful, jacky; I love you more than words can say.

as for this post: you are EXACTLY right. girls are merciless. WE are merciless towards girls, & most of all towards ourselves. I saw that tonight, my family went out to eat with a church family & I keep feeling insecure about myself around them because the girls were SO pretty...

& when we got in the car, mom was asking why I was acting that way, & I said I just didn't feel confident, & bum, she was fabulously encouraging about it. a burden was lifted, for sure - or at least part of one. this is all to say: we need to love ourselves, & maybe that starts with loving others, & not judging them so ruthlessly.