an Ode to Ikea

Oh, Ikea, my darling and my dear--
I'm captivated by your unique offerings;
My heart swells with Swedish pride
When I walk through your palace of bright things.

Comfy couches and patterned chairs for everyone,
There're hedgehogs and turtles and polar bears, too.
I never need to leave your sanctuary of home inspiration--
I could spend forever searching your rooms, wandering through...

You play only Disney movies on the TVs for the kids
And there's a tabletop etched with every way to say "amor".
My favorite item currently might be your Spoka night light
or maybe even your side table Hatten or your chaise Kramfors.

So I may not be able to pronounce your product names--
Like Poang or Levksvik or Liatorp--
But thank you, good Swedish people, for your delicious pie
and your innovative, inspirational, and inexpensive decor.

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