but i'm okay, really

My stupid, stubborn heart--stop bleeding!
"Keep on keeping, keep on beating";
I know you're tired--weary and worn--
But there's something glorious in being torn.

You're a little bit raw and I'm a little bit mean;
Our arguments are swollen and our conversations are lean.
Your sympathy was staged, your care an act;
Bitter words have been spent and cannot be taken back.

I wouldn't let you speak and you wouldn't let me breathe;
There was no extracting the poison that boiled beneath
Our skins nor was there any removing the angry darts
That flew like daggers to rent our bodies apart.

When everything hurts and you, my heart, ache,
I'm a mess of flames but it keeps me awake.
You incite searing pain but that's a pleasure I will;
I'm in love with feeling, which you, heart, instill.

1 comment:

RLS said...

"i'm a mess of flames but it keeps me awake."

favourite line.

your passion is beautiful, bum.