A Triple J Adventure!

Veterans' Day = thank you, vets + no school + no work = adventures!

I don't know why I thought of it, but I wanted to go to Celebration (the little cutesy town created by Disney near Disney World) to explore and such. So James, Joe, and I packed ourselves into James' car and we were off! Lots of loud music (James loves his badass speakers) and one speeding ticket later (poor Joe :/), we found ourselves at the Market Street Cafe (college dudes = ALWAYS hungry). Comments: good soda (I don't think I've ever had bad soda, though), cool 25 cent machines (I got two little plastic animal rings--for only fifty CENTS! steal of the day...), counter service is fun, RUDE waitress. Anyway, let us continue.

Of course, I love to shop (thank you, mother, for destroying my bank accounts with your shopping genes), and we found little shops like Market Street Gallery ("voted #1 gift shop" by some group of people somewhere) and Lollipop Cottage (cute little princess stuff and giant stuffed animals). Sad, though, because EVERYWHERE we went, the people were just rude. Oh well...

After the boys bought stuff and I DID NOT (yay, go me! That really was an accomplishment XD), we decided to continue our journey to Ikea in Orlando. Again, my mother is due the credit here. But seriously, this GIANT store is so much fun, so cool, so new, so innovative and eccentric! Probably the best description I can give is this: Ikea is like Wal-Mart--inexpensive--but better because Ikea is huge and colorful and unique and Swedish and full of comfy couches and polar bear friends and the newest in EVERYTHING. Some of our purchases include the following: 3 giant hedgehog pillow covers, colorful rugs (on sale for $1.50 EACH), a cute whitish table lamp, and a crab chair pad. Plus, we had (yes, I wrote HAD) to buy Swedish meatballs for James and 2 Almondy Daim tart. YUM.

After Ikea, we traveled back to Celebration to check out their Segway tours. Because I was afraid of looking like a loser/losing control of a Segway, I told James and Joe that I wasn't going to go on the tour with them, but it took them very little protesting to convince me to join them. So, after lying to the guy about my weight (since there's a min and max weight) and having a short training session, we followed our very knowledgable Disney and Celebration guide on a 30-minute tour, all the while letting ourselves be filled with Disney facts but staying weightless of our worries or bodies.

And the only way to end this perfect day? With a prayer of grateful happiness and calm...

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