Survey says...

  • Favorite Thanksgiving food: green beans and stuffing (but not together, silly!)

  • One fashion you wish never went out of style: shoulder pads...JUST KIDDING!

  • Favorite piece of clothing: dresses and sweaters

  • 1st thing you do in the morning: pee, brush teeth, make coffee

  • Dream job: filling up my own boutique with all of my own creations, but being a secret agent would be cool, too

  • When you need alone time: I get irritable

  • Celebrity who personifies you best: Natalie Portman (except she's way more gorgeous but I adore her so it's all good)

  • 1 thing people wouldn't know about you: I love organizing but I hate cleaning

  • You? CrAzy.

  • 1st thing that comes to mind when you hear:

  • Model - thin

  • McDonald's - happy meal

  • bedroom - clean

  • men - unfair

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