A pulchritudinous day

[First of all, I must thank Chloe for teaching me that new, incredible word (which means beautiful, by the way)]

From now on, I'll be recording my "Kaizen of the day". My classroom management professor taught us the concept of Kaizen, which is a Japanese term that represents improving yourself--even if just a little teeny tiny bit--every day. So, my Kaizen of the day today: being content with watching tv and being with other people without feeling like I must be doing something else to make myself productive. I'm pretty sure being with people I love, which made me happy, made the time worth it--especially since something that makes you happy cannot be a waste of time.

Also: the Super Bowl game tonight was the first football game that I've seen in its entirety, no kidding. So I'm kinda proud of that but it actually wasn't hard to do since the game was so exciting! And my favorite commercial? Probably the first Conan one. Plus, I really liked the Coke commercials because they're all about happy.

Oh, and another thanks I owe to Chloe: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing your hilarious cat pee/t-shirt/ewww story. Like I said, I haven't laughed quite that hard in a very long time. I love you.

And I love you, too.



bum, I wish you were here! I called your house the other day to ask your mom a medical question, & Chloe answered the phone & she shouted my name & I shouted hers ...

& I thought to myself: if I could live ANYWHERE on the planet, it would be with the DuBois family. your family is my favourite bum, in all the world.

I loved this post & I like the idea of trying to improve yourself just a little bit each day; it seems so simple but, what a brave challenge.. I miss you & love you.

heyyy chloe said...

that is such a smart idea (improving yourself). i should try that. by the way, sometimes you need to take a little time for yourself and just relax.

aw, you're welcome for the word and the story, even though it was not all that funny when it happened.

i love you:)

ps: aw, i love amy. it was nice to talk to her even if it was for like a minute.