Pure and perfect girl

"She smelled like soap and ice cream and girl: pure and perfect girl."
p. 37, Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

My own versions of "pure and perfect girl":
  • She felt like strawberry daiquiri and procelain and lacy ruffles
  • She dances like mariachi music and red hot peppers and tiny flamenco feet
  • She writes like pink streaks in the sky and song lyrics spilling of your tongue and ice melting in your hand
  • She looked like golden ink and cascading waterfalls and just-bloomed roses
  • She tasted like cotton candy melting in your mouth and clean clean teeth and sugar-encrusted lips
  • She looked like diamonds sparkling in a dark cave and mermaids swirling in blue-green depths and twilight kissing the moon
  • She walked like paint-splattered maracas and tiny naked pixies and leaves floating to the ground
  • She sang like cars colliding and waves crashing and little kids fighting--yet he only felt the warmth of beating hearts and magical places and bursting dreams when she belted out the lyrics
  • She spoke like raindrops splattering the roof and best friends giggling and thoughts zipping past
  • She dreamed like everything is possible and songs never end and fantasy devours reality
  • She sketched like castles on sparkling fire and heroes fighting for love and nymphs enchanting innocent passers-by
  • She lived like shooting stars never resting and iridescent crystals forever glistening and wise men laughing
  • She cried like rivers gushing and waltzes ending and twinkle lights dimming
  • She loved like poetry exploding and little dreams growing and tiny hands grasping and love songs blaring and profound revelations glowing and broken hearts mending and splintered souls sharing...

  • James' needs over school work (building a better and loving relationship)
  • Felt down at work but kept kind to customers (well, not the first few but then I got my act together!)
  • Revelations and reflections concerning some of my "issues" and my yet-to-be-conceived children


c. said...

"She loved like poetry..." That's wonderful!

Here's my contribution:

She slept like the final glimpse of the red moon as it sank into the ocean and pressing freshly glossed lips together and tracing the lines in the frost on cold winter mornings.

heyyy chloe said...

you write pure magic, my dear.