Thank the wOnderful Lord Jesus:

...for giving me such a beautiful day;
truly, it was perfection because
  • everyone in my classroom management class loved my chocolate chip Reese's cookie cake frosted with chocolate funfetti icing
  • I met personally with my classroom management teacher; she's just so cool and has SO much incredibly relevant info for me
  • the actual class was amazing as always
  • I got my exercise in (walk to school and back)
  • lots of "God time" through prayer
  • MAJOR productivity through homework, project, and paper completions
  • no more Joe
  • time with my babe
  • healthy eating
  • "Jeopardy!" and "Lost" during dinner
  • loverly blog comments :)
  • achieving all of my Kaizen goals
  • and now "Zathura", blogging, fun fruit gum, and my babes (James and Jelly Bean) right next to me

[And I owe it all
the most lovely of all]

Kaizen: My goals were to
a) complete mass amounts of homework
b) make some time for myself
c) eat healthily and
d) NOT gossip or talk badly about anyone.

***Hooray for missions accomplished!***

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yay bum!! your life sounds wonderful & marvellous & full of beautiful things..

I am proud of you, all the way across the states.