Positively Productive and Foreign

...are the precise words I'd like to use to describe my day. The productive part is easy to figure out, but not the foreign I suppose. So here is my account of two different foreign encounters today:
  1. Guy comes into my candy store and I offer him my spiel ("Hi, how are you today? Everything on the wall's the same price so you can mix and match any way you like. We also have a deal going on if you buy a pound today you get a quarter of a pound for free!"). In his lovely Scottish accent, he asks for the Jelly Bellies, which I gladly and easily show him. I don't really expect him to buy much but then he starts really loading up with every flavor from icky black licorice to yummy strawberry cheesecake. As I'm ringing him up (he bought two pounds and got a half pound for free, in case you're wondering), I ask about who the candy is for, he mentions his nephews in Scotland, I ask why he's in Tampa, he says he comes to Florida every year to SKY DIVE! How cool is that? I asked him if he's ever scared, he said after the first fifty times you get used to it. We talk some more and of course he's charming because he's foreign. :)
  2. Probably not fifteen minutes later, an older gentleman becomes captivated with the chocolates in the front case and tells me in his foreign accent that he could eat everything in there. As I'm ringing his purchases up (a bunch of truffles and vanilla creams), he mentions how the chocolate is not good for his Diabetes (ya think?) and I say that it's probably okay to have a little bit and not go overboard and we start talking about health and he mentions that he's 74 and I say no way! because he really doesn't look 74. I ask him how he stays looking so young and he mentions that he used to dive for the navy and all the extra oxygen and exercise he got helped him out. I told him that I'm a scuba diver, too, and then he was really excited to shake my hand. :)

This is my naughty puppy Jelly Bean who I still love very much because she's too cute not to love otherwise.

  1. Productivity
  2. Putting up with (and not getting angry at) crazy group members in my expository writing class
  3. Work duties before homework
  4. More prayer time = the best part of the day :)

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heyyy chloe said...

foreign people are always cool.

they seemed so interesting, where was the 74 year old from?