Coloring inside the lines is never any fun.

What did I learn today???
  • I learned why my Adolescent Lit professor prefers the phrase "Create peace" to just plain 'ole "peace": because peace only exists when we make it ourselves.
  • A great example that I want to live by: in The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier (which I do NOT recommend you read, by the way), a professor accuses a student of cheating and ridicules him in front of the entire class. Everyone, including the students and the professor, know that the kid is not a cheater--yet no one dares stand up for the poor kid. He stands up for himself, though. And in the end, that's all that matters. Lesson: don't be a CAVEr.

  • I refused to "recycle" a previous assignment in order to finish a new one quickly.
  • I really prioritized my time today by choosing productivity over extra exercise.

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heyyy chloe said...

I just read "Fade" by that same author.
it was beautiful writing, but I'm not sure that i exactly liked it, ya know?
some of the chapters were hard to read.

I need to work on my prioritizing.
I did choose to do my spanish project over watching tv though.