Craft + Kaizen

Fun Valentines' Day Craft [inspired by marthastewart.com]

Step 1: Pick a yummy candy. I chose Rolos because they're James' favorite (and they were the first wrapped candy I saw).

Step 2: Get out your super cute cupcake liners.

Step 3: Gather the rest of your supplies (i.e., scissors, paper, buttons, super glue, tiny toys, ribbon, and anything else you can think of to make a cute Valentine!)...

Step 4: Flatten the cupcake liners. Place candy in the middle of the bottom liner and use stick glue to attach the outside ridges of the liners together, so that the candy is in the middle of a little closed cupcake liner pocket.

Step 5: Make cute little Valentines using any material you want. I used poster board (to cut out pink hearts), stickers, ribbon, buttons, and the cut-outs of scented Valentines.

Step 6: Using the stick glue, attach the Valentine to the top of the cupcake liner where the candy sticks up.

Step 7: Share with anyone you love, especially your valentine!!!

*Bonus: This doesn't have to be a Valentines' Day craft! I also made Birthday and SpongeBob versions! So much fun! :)


Kaizen: Self-control. I was tempted to do something that I really felt like doing but knew would destroy my whole day. Instead of giving in, I looked to other outlets--like God, these cutie crafts, and homemade slushes--to get past my selfish temptations and become a better person for it.



if I were a boy, I would marry you.

heyyy chloe said...

yay! for cute valentine's day crafts!

i also made homemade valentine's day cards:)
maybe one with your name on it?

c. said...

how delightfully delicious.

(I think you're wonderful!)