The title's not so important today...

Kaizen: Walking home from school was painful; the cold--paired with the irony of the bus driving away right in front of my watering eyes--stung and angered me. Seriously, cold is death to me. And yet, I made it all the way home--I sucked up my pride and pulled my hood over my head, I walked faster and faster so that time might do the same, and I thought about how much stronger I would be once I got home because I would indeed survive. Kanye and so many others before him had it right: that which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger...

Looking through old journals, found this:

i remember the way it all began, she said and he replied, so do i but it should've gone differently and she was confused so she asked what did he mean and he told her that when he asked for that first date, he had actually meant to ask her to marry him and she whispered of course.


heyyy chloe said...

ah, whenever its cold i always think about how you must be freezing.
poor little Jacky.

the journal entry was beautiful.


bum, I had the same feeling last night-- I walked to my apartment from the main building on campus & it was 7 degrees outside ... I had thought it was going to be around 22 (which makes a HUGE difference) so I didn't bring gloves with me..

yeah. it's literally so cold that each step you take feels like your bones are breaking, or that knives are gently sliding across your nose & ears.

I can't describe it well enough, but I want you to promise me that you'll be grateful in Florida, even if it feels cold. that way, you will always think of me, & I will always think of you, & we'll fill our hearts with WARM. :)