Blue Man = True Love

I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with

For James' 21st birthday, he and I attended the 8 o'clock Blue Man Group show at Universal (courtesy of his mom, who I love love love! Thank you thank you thank you!)

The show was SO incredibly unique--and therefore extremely wonderful and beautiful to me...

The Blue Man Group members were too hilarious; if you've ever seen them or ever do see them, you'll know why the Twinkie scene is utterly my favorite.

The whole show was colorful and magical and innovative and new and imaginative and original and even informative.

So of course, after the show I couldn't resist buying the painting they actually created at the show the night before (the friends we made at the show who sat next to us beat us to the painting made at our showing but it's all good) and all three of them signed it with their wonderful blue hand prints!

oh, it is love...

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AH bum! I wish I could have come with you!! that looks like it was a blast.

"they're filming midgets."

hahahaha. bum, I love SO much that you love In Bruges & understand how beautiful & wonderful it is. that makes me happy, every time david & I are quoting lines from it together.

you should get on facebook more often. I keep wanting to send you things but you're never there. :(