"Smitten Challenge"

Challenge: Record the quirky or sweet things you love about yourself

  • that I'm a creator and collector of lists.
  • that I'm super short.
  • that I'm okay not having time or money to go to the movies.
  • that I appreciate dry humor most.
  • my odd, all-over-the-place fashion sense.
  • that I'd rather chew juicy, fruity bubble gum than eat more food.
  • that I am a creator, inventive and imaginative.
  • that I sometimes get mistaken for a kid.
  • that I'm never quite satisfied, because there's always so much more out there!
  • that I'm in love with love.
  • that the world completely and utterly fascinates me.
  • that I have a meaningful tattoo and plan on getting more!
  • that my body is so incredibly strong despite everything I have put it through.
  • that God loves me even though I'm usually pretty much a mess.
  • being me, even if it's usually hard (because overall, it's much more fun)...

[and so now i pass on the challenge to you...]