'Big' City Adventures

The GreenWise market is so awesome--fresh, innovative, full of yummy goodies! James and I accidentally stumbled upon GreenWise while on our Candy Store Quest; our favorite part was the lighted shelves under all of the olive and vegetable oils!

Photo #1: VERY expensive (but also very aesthetically packaged) water.

Photo #2: Huge cinnamon buns! Heck yeah!

Photo #3: Arrr! I was tempted to nab one of these pirate cookies!

Back to the Candy Store Quest...

Photo #4: Ignore my stupid finger and admire the cute sign instead!

Photo #5: How COOL?! A backgammon board game--made ENTIRELY of chocolate!!!

Photo #6: Qachbal's Chocolatier shop at Channelside. (careful here: maybe it was because I didn't buy anything, but the cashier was EXTREMELY rude!!!)

Photo #7: They had a zillion different types of malt balls here; the most unusual, in my opinion, were the Mango Malted Milk Balls!

Photo #8: And finally, the cutest lil cupcakes you've ever seen! :)

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