Yes, sir, it was a finnnnnnnnne day...

*Final class with one of my favorite professors (sad to say bye but nice to leave behind the couse load!)
*No work :)
*Exercise! Yay for walking to class and back (although I maybe cheated by catching the bus when I was halfway home...)
*TONS of work done on assignments and projects (finished with my part of a 4-week unit plan, began and finished a 4-page essay, and e-mailed a literature activity and self-evaluation to my adolescent lit professor). Ah, how I adore productivity.
*James had a super good day :)
*Jessie and his girlfriend Ashley came over; we talked about jobs and tattoos and then admired/showered love on/played with lil puppy Jelly Bean
*Healthy eating! Sometimes I eat too much when I get lonely (James was gone all day at work) but I overcame that and kept myself busy!
*"Jeopardy!" with dinner
*A quick walking break to the mailbox; two observations: one kid playing with a remote control car, another kid playing with a bubble wand...which reminds me--I need to PLAY MORE!!!
*Extra time spent with the Lord this morning (when you start out with Him, how could it be a bad day?)
*Returned my dad's sweet voicemail message from when he called while I was at work the other day



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