What do YOU love???

*Today, I love sketching random people.
*Today, I love lemon pepper seasoned green beans.
*Today, I love productivity.
*Today, I love "The Office", "Fringe", and "Jeopardy!"
*Today, I love James' newfound fascination with cop and ER shows.
*Today, I love that I started to shop online but realized that I don't need anymore crap and didn't buy anything.
*Today, I love quotes...

Don’t worry about mistakes. Making things out of mistakes, that’s creativity.
Peter Max

To understand what happened at the diner, we'll use Mr. Papaya. This is upsetting, because he is the friendliest of fruits.
Walter, "Fringe"

When I was nine years old, I think I wanted to be a brontosaurus.
Peter Bishop, "Fringe"

It's like she only wants to hook up when Ryan comes around. It's gotten to the point where I get excited every time that little dude walks through the door.
Daryl Philbin, "The Office"

What do YOU love today???

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