He's so great.

Why makes my fiance fantastico?

*he does the dishes and takes out the trash every day (seriously, I don't ever have to do either)
*he tucks me into bed every night
*the tv is mine when i want it--he NEVER says no to "Jeopardy!" or "The Ellen Degeneres Show"
*he refuses to judge me
*i have funny eating habits, but he still doesn't judge me
*he takes the puppy out when it's too cold for me outside
*he drives me and picks me up anywhere/anytime i need him to
*his newest ambitions are really wonderful (to become an EMT and get into the medical field)
*he doesn't buy into weight or hollywood obsessions
*he knows how to not worry and i wish i were just like him in that respect!


c. said...


that's nice. what a great guy.

heyyy chloe said...

Well, James is pretty awesome:)