Whatcha thinking about?

*Jamal here is thinking about:
  • only this moment
  • dreaming big
  • being brighter than they think
  • making it better
  • flying away
*I'm thinking about:
  • not thinking about all the end-of-the-semester stuff there is to finish up
  • getting something to drink
  • "I used to apologize for every little think I said or did, or hadn't said of hadn't done, or fogotten to say, etc.; I used to apologize for living. Now I've given up--I mean, apologizing. Not living; I've only just started that." Cary Grant
  • hopefully finding relief when I hire two new girls for the store tomorrow
  • shutting down the computer and laying in his arms...
[What are YOU thinking about?]

1 comment:

laurialigns said...

I'm thinking I really like this cute little post.

Also I'm thinking about a late lunch, going shopping, church tomorrow, school next week, and lots of things to look forward to in the summer and fall. :)