I hope you have read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson; if you haven't you need to. The narrator is quirky and humorous and relatable--and she'll also break your heart. Imagine James' surprise when a little more than half-way through the book I burst into tears and sob uncontrollably and he asks me what's wrong and I cannot speak I am crying so hard so all I can do is hold up the book to try to make him understand. It made me so angry that other people--especially the people who were supposed to be her friends and even her own parents--couldn't see her silence as a cry for help. Also, I'd like to be a teacher like Mr. Freeman. :)

Yeah, it'll break your heart
but it'll plant a new seed in there, too.


"I got mad love for you, girl." said...

aww bum. this post made me sad. :(

I MISS YOU. also: I am sorry I couldn't answer when you called earlier, I was in class. now I am back at my apartment but, I can't talk UNTIL I FINISH THIS PAPER. gahhhhhhh. it's literally killing me.

I love you. can we talk tomorrow? i'll call you until we do. :D

heyyy chloe said...

yes! i have and it's wonderful.
i so know what you mean about how annoying it was that her "loved ones" couldn't figure it out. i think she was brave in her own way.

there's movie made of it.(with kristen stewart) i think its coming on lifetime march 14.