The optimist sees the donut...

So, I feel like the biggest idiot in the whole world because I got scammed at work today by some dude using an invalid travellers' check (worth two hundred stinking dollars). Amazingly, James walked into the store just a few minutes after it happened so he helped me calm down ('cause I knew something was suspicious and I shouldn't have fallen for this guy's scam) and that was good because I was feeling pretty scared and shitty.

ANYHOW! I was having a SUPERB today before that, so as the optimist, I am focusing on the donut, if you will, and not the hole (for that is precisely what the pessimist would see instead):
  • At the store, I actually used a coupon that I cut out (I usually just cut them out and forget to use them)
  • Sharing my breakfast with Jelly Bean and watching an episode of "Jeopardy!"
  • On the way in to work, I decided I'd turn the radio to a classic rock station today; but when I got there, Karah already had the radio tuned to a rock station!
  • I woke up early, even before my alarm went off; my mind was racing and ready for me to get up and start doing stuff
  • I finished reading The Giver by Lois Lowry--and loved it!
  • I was able to get most of my Adolescent Lit homework done
  • The Bum wrote to me on facebook--which means she's home!!! :)
  • Straightened hair + pink-n-black-with-hints-of-skulls outfit = cute punk look
Like Chloe learning from her sunburn, I'm going to learn from this experience. And I'll never ever ever let someone scam me like that again.

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heyyy chloe said...

aw boo. that sucks. what a jerk!!!
i'm glad you were able to focus on the positives.


btw, who scams a candy store?!