EverYthinG is worthy of Documentation

In a recent post, a blogger friend asked for suggestions for spring break activities. Here are some ideas I came up with for her and some more that I added just now and I want to try all of them myself asap!

Enjoy :)

Suggestions for stuff to do: create! Paint, explore your town/city, bike ride, people watch, meet up with friends every day, go to a karaoke bar, dress up, write your own movie reviews, make lesson plans or activities [for those of us who are or aspire to be teachers], de-clutter your home, go through old journals, re-read books from your childhood, record record record [favoring quote of the week is "Everything is worthy of documentation"], listen to music [both new and old and familiar and unfamiliar], journal, write a novel, write poetry, write music, make a movie, write up short-term and long-term goals, make a collage, sketch, draw cartoons, go to the library, take some time away from the computer and tv! :)

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laurialigns said...

Thank you for these suggestions! I copied them down for future reference. :)