Determined not to let the shitty stuff get me down...

...so here's a list of everything that went RIGHT today:

  1. I didn't have to prepare a lesson today (I got to sit back, relax, and observe the magic)

  2. I didn't have to pick anyone up/carpool so I got to leave the house later than usual

  3. I turned in all of my Middle School Teaching Methods assignments--so now I'm DONE!!! :)

  4. I got to talk with Dr. Daniel about my experiences in the classroom and how I just might become a middle school teacher instead...

  5. I wore a new dress (with black tights, of course!)

  6. It was a good hair day

  7. James did the dishes without me asking him to (yay! finally!)

  8. I found a quarter by my seat in my Social Foundations of Education class

  9. Work was short

  10. My drink mix was more delicious than usual

  11. The day is not even close to its end! [to be continued...]

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