[this family put candles in a banana to show that even the simplest of activities are to be savored and celebrated]

What will or won't you do to save money?

[blog topic inspired by Remodeling This Life]

I don't mind that my fiance & I never go out to eat.

I like being resourceful; instead of buying new clothes, I look at what I have and make new outfit combinations.

I love DIY projects & crafts.

I like printing out pictures from my computer.

I have fun making my own artwork.

I like buying gifts for people I love...

...but I like making gifts for them even more.

I don't mind taking the time to research an item to find the best possible price.

I don't buy designer clothing.

I buy journals & books constantly.

I miss going to the movie theater...

...but downloading movies is quite convenient, too.


On a similar note, I want to simplify my life--that means living more fully, having (and wanting!) less material possessions, and spending more time with people rather than with things.

How will I do this? My goals are to:

  1. De-clutter. I am a huge pack rat so giving and throwing material possessions away is hard for me. My solution? To take pictures of the things that have sentimental value and then either give them away or throw them away. For things without sentimental value, I must really determine if they are worth my time or if I even spend any time using them.
  2. Stop buying so much stuff! My new rule: if I buy something, I must get rid of something else; that way, I'm not adding to my collection of "stuff" but rather replacing and exchanging it. My other strategy, which always works pretty well for me, is to carry the item with me throughout the rest of my journey through the store; I almost always decide against buying the item once I've been holding on to it for a while.
  3. Keep the tv off more often. I generally cannot just sit and watch a tv show or a movie--I have to be doing something else at the same time, whether that's blogging or sketching or painting or looking through a magazine or eating or whatever. I miss most of the tv show anyway, and I don't think either activity--the tv-watching or the other activity--gets my full attention. Instead of having the tv on to fill the silence in the background, I'll make new mixed CDs and download more music onto my MP3 player so that I can listen to music I really like instead of listening to the same old stuff on the radio.
  4. Slow down and savor. This goes for everything in my life, from eating to spending time with my family and fiance to playing with my puppy to relaxing. I think we, as Americans, try to rush through everything--and end up missing the magic of our experiences. I want to try to just slow down and take in each experience, to indulge in every feeling and touch and sound and kiss and sight...
  5. Create experiences. I'm typically not a very social person; I rarely get bored because my mind is full of ideas that I use to create with and write about and entertain myself with. But there is so much that I am missing by not getting outside of my comfort zone and meeting new people. My fiance and I just recently started hanging out with his co-workers--they're so different from me in so many ways but they have such wonderful stories to tell! I work at a tiny little candy shop and my day is made when I really connect with a customer and we have a wonderful, meaningful conversation. I've also started spending more time with my family, all of which live about an hour away; I miss them so much and I've realized that instead of missing them, I should visit them more and make memories with them. These are the kinds of experiences you remember.

What can't YOU live without?
And, more importantly, what can you GIVE UP?


Art Fan Ako said...

This reminds me that the simple things in life are free! Thanks for visiting my blog and kind comments! I like the banana idea!

heyyy chloe said...

aw, those are wonderful goals.
ive started to de-clutter and not buy as much.
yeah, i agree with how like people are what makes this world great and we don't take time to connect.
i love you.