Agradecimiento ("gratitude", anyone?)

  • James' willingness to drive me to Universal Studios & Ikea today (he never complains)
  • At the Men in Black ride, the guy let James & I ride together--even though we got in the "Single Rider" line
  • I actually had a decent score on the MIB ride (167,000 because I got the bonus at the end!) :) I am very proud of this because I STINK at video games usually!
  • There was hardly anyone at the parks = I walked right on to the Hulk, Dueling Dragons, & Spider-Man
  • I overcame the urge to spend over 3 bucks on one tiny bucket of cotton candy
  • The Simpson's Ride--those jokes NEVER get old!
  • Drink refills for 79 cents
  • Spending the day with my love
  • Craft time at home!
  • No work today
  • Getting stuff done (like phone calls & bills)
  • Looking forward to "Fringe" later on tonight...
**What are YOU grateful for today??? :)

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