Losing [is what she does best]

she feels like she's far too tiny
to mean anything to the world
so she trembles in her own arms
awaiting true love's execution
wondering if anything is [ever] enough
...only to discover one day
that she must fall in love with herself
before anyone else can.

i'm waiting for something bigger to move me,
so until then
i will give you my life
and the heart of my heart.
but you must break me daily,
shatter my soul
stomp on my dreams.
[only then will i be birthed anew
in pure and perfect love]

only way she knows how to stop feeling lost
is to quietly explode every night
and build herself back up
with the violent laughter
of the stars

1 comment:

RLS said...

I love you so much.

I always wonder when you are going to make a little book out of all your sayings - you should publish them, bum, or seriously consider it. I can imagine a small booklet of these beautiful musings, with pictures decorating it - pictures you draw, with your own crayons & watercolors.

I am so thankful for you.